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SP-Coat Acrylic Base Polymer Coating

SP-Coat Acrylic Base Polymer Coating
Price : ₹ 150.00 / Kilogram
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MOQ : 400 Kilogram

Product Details

Appearance Milky White
Consistency Smooth and Uniform
Coverage 3.5 to 4 square meter per kg when mix with two parts of cement and one part of polymer after two coa
Drying Time SD- within 30 minutes , HD- within 8 hours.
PH value 9 to 11
Specific Gravity 1.25 +/- 0.02 kg/ltr
Solid content 45 +/- 0.02 %
Method of Application By Brush or Roller
Brand Name Star Paints

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Location Anywhere in India

It is a single component acrylic base polymer with special additive. It has very good bonding property. It protects atmosphere exposed reinforced concrete structure from attack of acidic gases and chlorine ion. It can be used as water proofing membrane of chajjas, balconies, terraces, roof slab. The coating is especially  suitable for use in area of coastal and marine environment and can be used in all types of structure for existing and new concrete. The coating provides seem less resilient and flexible water proofing which is seem less for reservoirs, roofs and water tanks.


Direction for use:


Remove loose plaster if any all the cracks above 0.7mm width should be proper sealed. The surface should structurally sound and free from oil, grease loose particles. Mix 1.5 kg of cement (grey/white) with 1 kg of polymer thoroughly and add little quantity of water into the mixture to make homogenous liquid  paste and apply by brush or roller on the surface.



  • It has good excellent water resistance , excellent weather ability hence, suitable for exterior application being cementetious it has similar expansion as concrete it non-toxic
  • user friendly and low cost.
  • It protects reinforced concrete structure when exposed to atmosphere from attack of acidic gases, chlorine ions etc.
  • Can be used as water proofing membrane for chajjas, terrace, roof slabs, balconies.
  • Can be used as water proofing for new concrete and repair for old concrete.
  • Internal and external wall repair.
  • Can be applied by brush and roller.



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Type of Usage Area URP/SBP(in Kg) Cement (in kg) Sand(in Kg) Aggregate(in Kg) Coverage Usage of polymer in kg
Bonding agent[for coating] Before any kind of repair SP-COAT 1 1/10 1.5 N.A N.A 40-50sq.ft/coat Bond coat :2kg (50kg for 100sq.ft)
Wall concrete repair mortor Minor cracks in columns,beams, chajjas, parpet,slab repair, balcony SP-Bond of 10-15% of cement wt 1 part 1.5part 1.5part 7sq.ft@25mm thick Concrete repair mortar-15kg at 25mm thickness.
Wall plaster repair mortor Boolean plaster, plaster cracks,columnsand beams,joints, drainage pipe & wall joints. SP-Bond (10-15% of cement wt) 1 part 3 part N.A 7sq.ft of 25mm Plaster repair mortor-15kg at 25mm thickness.

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